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A Quick Update

It has been a while since I have given a written look on where we are going. I went on a tangent in character development and have done a first pass in looking for voice actors. I am pretty excited that the characters are coming to life and really think it will add to the game.

I have also been devoting a lot of time to UI design for the crafting system. Lanot and his team have done an excellent job in delivering high quality art and I think it is just what the game needed. I am putting together a dev log on the process so keep an eye out for that!

To keep all the plates spinning I made a second pass on the first map. Here is the progress so far!

Goals for next sprint:

  • Finish animating characters (2/9)

  • Fix turn speeds

  • Fix Momentum Capacitor

Stretch Goals:

  • Write out voice lines

  • Pilot Choice In Menu

  • Move Camera closer

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