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The dream of Giddily Geekin is to capture the joy of experiences found in life. We hope you find these adventures as delightful as we do. The games we make strive to bring friends, families, and even strangers together in exciting escapades. When you see the logo, we hope you remember that life is to be enjoyed. Our logo is a gator because what animal could have a bigger grin in the world than an alligator? 

Oh, you're still reading? Then you might be interested in the purpose of this website. The first and foremost purpose of this site is to provide a place for us to track our game development journey! Accountability is the key to success. Here you will find a blog of the founder of Giddily Geekin and his goals and accomplishments. The second purpose of this site is for you! Wherever you are, we want to hear from you! Feel free to subscribe to get updates on when blogs and other events come up.

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